Sources and Resources

This page is a ‘work in progress’ and as such is always going to be partial, in that we will never be able to gather the vast array of online youth work resources in one site.

It is designed to provide access Sources of Information for thinking, talking and writing for, and about, youth work; and Resources for Practice, for planning, doing, reflecting on and evaluating youth work.

This page is not a reproduction of the further reading and information contained in the downloadable resource for each unit in the modules. You can check the modules and units out here.

The material is organised by alphabetical order by title under each heading. The page will soon be searchable. You can contact us at to update or add additional Sources or Resources.

All of the material we link to, is itself open-source and freely available by clicking the embedded link which will open on a new page.

Resources for Practice

A practical guide to including seldom-heard children & young people in
. Comhairle na nÓg, Ireland 2014
Capturing Magic: A Tool for Evaluating Outcomes in Youth Arts Projects [NYCI]
CDYSB Toolkit for Quality Youth Work (2008) Ireland
Co-creating Youth Spaces: A Practice Based Guide for Youth
Facilitators. Commonwealth.
Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Worker Associations
Creators not Consumers, Mark Smith. 1982
Ideas in Action in Youth Work (In Practice and In Theory).
Centre for effective Service, Ireland.
Innovation in Youth Work -Thinking in Practice. George
Williams College , London.
LGBT Safe & Supportive Schools Toolkit Creating schools that are fully inclusive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young People.
BeLonG To, Ireland. 2016
Maker Activities in Youth Work – Verke Finland 2019
National Youth Council of Ireland Resources
NYCI Equality and Intercultural Youth Work and Resources
‘Starting Out’, The National Induction Training Programme for
Volunteers. Ireland.
SALTO Educational Tools Portal
Skill IT Digital Pathways for Youth Work
STEM in Youth Work Maker Project: Final Report NYCI
Steps to Inclusive Youth Work – Toolkit for the Youth Sector [NYCI]
Story-telling in Youth Work [IDYW] Online Resource
Supervision Scrapbook. Rob Baxter and Trissel Eriksen (2nd ed.) 2018 NZ
T-Kits ‘easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions’
EU-CoE Youth Partnership
Transforming Hate in Youth Settings. An educational tool and
practice manual. 2018.
Using non-formal learning and interactive methods in Youth work
What’s the Photostory?’ Youth Work Ireland Tipperary
Young People and Extremism. A Resource Pack for Youth Workers. SALTO Cultural Diversity and The British Council
Youth Link Scotland Toolkits
Youth Work Essentials. The CoE Youth Work Portfolio
Youth Work Quality Assessment: The Self and Peer Assessment Model.
Kanuuna Network & The City of lappeenranta, Finland. 2015

Some Interesting Websites

Centre for Multicultural Youth, Australia
Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Workers Associations
ComMutiny, The Youth Collective, India
Digital Youth Work Europe
Estonian Youth Work Centre
EU-CoE Youth Partnership – a space to explore education, learning and social action
Leargas. irish National Erasmus+ Agency
National Youth Council of Ireland [NYCI]
Professional Open Youth Work in Europe [POYWE]
SALTO-YOUTH Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities
for Youth.
Techspace Creative Technology in Youth Work
Youth Action Northern Ireland
Youth Link Scotland.
Youthpass (revised competencies 2019) – online hub for youth policy
Verke Digital Youth Work Expertise in Finland

Sources of Information

2nd European Youth Work Convention Declaration (2015)
Defining youth work: exploring the boundaries, continuity and diversity of youth work practice (2018) Trudi Cooper in SAGE
Handbook of Youth Work Practice.
DCYA (2013) Youth Work: A systematic map of the research literature. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs.
Government Publications Office. Ireland.
Finding Common Ground: Mapping and scanning the horizons for European youth work in the 21st century – Howard Williamson 2015
Global Definitions of Youth Work – CAYWA
Intercultural Competence Research Report [SALTO-Youth, 2012]
Inequality and the Stereotyping of Young People (2006
Maurice Devlin. The Equality Authority, Ireland.
Perspectives on Youth  research articles, essays , opinion pieces
in the field of youth policy, youth research and youth work.
EU-CoE Youth Partnership.
Quality Youth Work: A common framework for the further development of youth work – European Commission (2015)
‘Theorising Youth’.Maurice Devlin (2009) chapter in Youth and
Community Work in Ireland: Critical Perspectives.
Blackhall Publishing, Ireland, pp.33-56
Thinking seriously about youth work and how to prepare people to do it (Youth Knowledge #20, 2018)
This is Youth Work  – In Defence of Youth Work (2011)
Transformative Youth Work Conference and Publications 2018. Marjon University, Plymouth , UK
Universal Youth Work A Critical review. Scotland 
Youth Knowledge Books. outcome of research seminars and
expert workshops. EU-CoE Youth Partnership
Youth work and non-formal learning in Europe’s education
[2015] European Commission.
Youth Work Education: is the voluntary principle no longer reliable in Defining Youth Work 2019. Article
Youth Work: A Scan of Comparative Practices (2017)
Young People, Social Media and Health (2018). Free ebook
edited by Victoria Goodyear & Kathleen Armour.
Pub. Taylor Francis

Open Access Journals & Practice Magazines

Concept Journal
Concept Special Anniversary Issue – Pedagogy of the Oppressed
(Vol. 9 No. 3 Winter 2018)
Coyote Magazine. EU -COE Youth Partnership
Coyote Archive
Journal of Youth Development – Bridging Research and Practice. [USA]
International Journal of Open Youth Work [POYWE]
The Link [Scotland]
Y-Now City of Dublin Youth Service Board [Ireland]
Youth and Policy [UK]
Youth Studies Ireland
Youth Work Scene Ireland – Youth Work Ireland
Overview of Academic Journals with a focus on youth
Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College, Ireland

Youth Policy

European Youth Strategy 2019-2027. European Commission
Leargas (Ireland) Resources on Youth Policy
The History of Youth Work in Europe and it’s relevance for youth policy
Vols 1-5. EU-Coe Youth Partnership.
Youth Policy Essentials – A short guide to Youth Policy.
EU-CoE Youth Partnership.
Overview of academic Journals on youth issues
Youth Policy MOOC EU-CoEYouth Partnership
Youth Wiki – Europe’s online encyclopaedia in the area of national youth policies. EACEA National Policies Platform

Professional Youth Work/Youth Work as a profession

Devlin, M. (2012). ‘Youth Work, Professionalism and Professionalisation in Europe’, in F. Coussée et al. (eds) The History of Youth Work in Europe (vol. 3) pp177-190. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing.
Education and training for the development of professional youth work practice and quality standards. Sladjana Petkovic and Manfred Zentner.
Youth Knowledge Book #20
It’s time: A case for the professionalisation of youth work.
Michael Emslie (2012) Youth Studies Australia 31(1):16-24
Mapping the educational and career paths of youth workers Part II. Diversity of practice architectures. Tomi Kiilakoski. EU-CoE Youth Partnershup
Professional youth work: an Australian perspective.
Corney, T. (ed) (2014) Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies.
The Function of History in the Debate on the Social Professions
Walter Lorenz. Youth Studies Ireland.
What do youth workers do? Jean Spence (2007) Youth Studies Ireland
Youth Work and Professionalisation Howard Sercombe (2204)

Ethics/Codes of Ethics/Ethical Practice

A Framework for the Inclusion of Ethics in Youth Work Education
in Ireland
Code of Ethics. Aoteraroa New Zealand
Code of Ethics for Community Learning and Development. Full Scotland
Code of Ethics:A Youth Work Commentary. Community Learning and
Development [CLD] Scotland
Code of Ethical Practice Victoria, Australia
Commonwealth Youth Programme Code of Ethical Practice for Youth
– Practice Responsibilities
Commonwealth Youth Programme Code of Ethical Practice for Youth
Work – Poster Principles
Ethical standards in youth work and how they support education and
career pathways of youth workers
(2018) EU-CoE Youth Partnership
Ethics and the idea of a profession. Ch2 preview of Howard Sercombe’s book Youth Work Ethics, 2010. Sage Pubications
Guide to Establishing a Code of Ethics (Corney 2018)
In Defence of Youth Work – Ethics
Occupational Standards Estonia (2015)
Western Australia Code of Ethics

Benefits/Impact of Youth Work 

A Journal of Youth Work: Special Issue. Issue 10 2012
Focus on Outcomes and Evidence
Assessment of the Economic Value of Youth Work in Ireland (2012)
National Youth Council of Ireland.
Researching Effective Programmes and Ways of Engaging Young People
in a Youth Work Setting
, Holton, M .(2017) Journal of Social Care: 1:11
Speaking Evidence to Youth Work – and Vice Versa. Bamber, J. and
Rowley, C. (2012) A Journal of Youth Work No 10 pp37-56
The Benefits of Youth Work – Unite Union, UK
The experience of open access youth work: the voice of young people.
Ritchie, D. and Ord, J. (2016) Journal of Youth Studies 20(3):1-14
The Impact of Youth Work in Europe: A Study of Five European
Ord, J., Carletti, M., Cooper, S., Dansac, C., Morciano, D., Siurala, L. and Taru, M. (2018) (eds) Helsinki: Humak Publications.
The Purpose and Outcomes of Youth Work (2009). Devlin, D. and Gunning A. (Ireland)
Working with Young People: The Value of Youth Work in the European
. European Commission (2014)

Open Access Training Resources Online&nbsp

Commonwealth of Learning – Diploma in Youth Work Modules
Council of Europe Recommendation on Youth Work. MOOC on Vision of
European Youth Work
EU-CoE Youth Partnership – Essentials of Youth Policy Open Online Course
Commencing 7th October 2019. Open for applications here.
Open University
Working with young people: Roles and responsibilities
Open University
Youth Work – Introducing Policy
Professional Open Youth Work in Europe. [POYWE]
Training Manual
A Competence Model for Youth Workers to Work Internationally